Kolibri in your web browser

Kolibri is normally accessed using a web browser (or embedded web browser), however it relies on a Kolibri server backend which is written in Python. This architecture brings some complexity to deploying Kolibri - a suitable Python interpreter must be available for your OS, you have to run it, it has to open a socket, etc. Notably, this complicates the prospect of Kolibri as a ChromeOS app.

This experiment runs the Kolibri server entirely within your browser. It does this by creating a javascript thread where a Python interpreter is run (pyodide, using WebAssembly).

It takes a few minutes to load - one of the first learnings from this experiment. Watch the javascript console to see things moving.

Once loaded, this page will be replaced by the Kolibri setup wizard. It's broken - you can't complete the setup - work is ongoing to make it progress beyond this stage!

Loading, please wait